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Apr 8, 2008

Just some pretties today

My hubby Chris is home this week on vacation, so my daily routine has been greatly altered and I haven't gotten much accomplished. I took a stroll through the yard this morning while he was still sleeping and took a few pictures. I have some new Irises open, a shot of my favorite garden statues and my 'lil pup and friend Sassy! We finally got our truck back and Chris is happy to have he new wheels back (literally-lol)!

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~ Jayme ~ said...

Ohhhhh my, your Irises are gorgeous!! I'll have to be sure and put some blubs out so I'll have some pretties for next spring. :) You've inspired me to get out there and plant again. ;)
It reminds me of my grandparents yard. They always had beautiful flowers blooming all year long.