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Apr 2, 2008

{ I heart Cleaning }

NOT!!! Ok, well on days like today I like cleaning. I was straightening up the laundry room and finally got tired of shifting my old textbooks from spot to spot and decided to gather them all up to sell them back to the college bookstore. This particular set of books were my Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 and Chemistry books. They cost me a bit under $500.00 just a couple semesters ago because I had to buy all new, because they had just updated (blah, blah, blah)!
2 lab manuals they wouldn't buy back because they've already come out with "newer editions"! They must love telling people that! So I got a whole $67 back! You heard me right started with 5 books for $500 - sold 3 back for $67! I'm in the WRONG business huh?

Anyways - the great part was taking my money on down the street to Joann's and buying some scrapbooking stuff I wanted (hehe) Don't tell Chris!


Jayne said...

Ohhhh - very fun stuff!!!

Tonya said...

YEAH! $67 is better than dust or waiting much longer when they would not take any of them. I love the new stuff. I did not know Joanns had stickles...which one did you go to?

You are gonna love that BIG Sizzix die with punctuation. I use mine lots.

Nicole said...

Angie you are too funny and I so remember selling back textbooks. More important.. Joann's has Stickles?
And I didn't forget about your tag...I will get it done.