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Dec 23, 2009

Last night was AMAZING! I ran my first race, the Jingle Bell Run - in Dallas Texas.
My daughter's both attended with me. My oldest Katie volunteered (for service hours for graduation) and my youngest Ivy, ran with me (
We arrived at the location at 5-ish, registered and got everyone where they needed to go. The forecast said 30%chance rain, and the temps were supposed to drop - so I have on long sleeve under armor, t short sleeve t-shirt, plus the long sleeve run shirt they gave me...with yoga pants.

I was SO overdressed!
Race kicked off at 6 - it went well. Ivy had already informed me that she wasn't staying with me, she was planning to win this I met up with her at about 1/4 mile...she was already walking. I encouraged her and walked with her a few moments, and got her going again. I hated to just leave her I slowed and stayed with her and we finished together. Slower than I would have liked...but hey, she's only 11. I did give her fair warning that she would need to train before the next race...or I would leave her behind!
It was an awesome experience. We found out information on two more upcoming races here locally. Everyone was dressed so festive and fun...we even saw frosty was running!
This was such a goal for me... I am so grateful I pursued it and completed it.

Oct 18, 2009

Fun Times

Today we spent the day together as a family - the weather was just beautiful.
I got an new bike this hubby got one too, but mine is much cuter!
The girls are loving it...we went bike riding as a family both Saturday and Sunday!
Life is good

Oct 2, 2009

Days of Summer

This lil layout was created with a photo taken from the last weekend before school started and I ran a vintage action on it to give it a 70's feel. I used the Graphic 45 paper line "Domestic Goddess" and created a folded paper element for just a simple title of the date 9/09.

Oct 1, 2009

October already?

WOW - where on earth did the year go? I can't believe it is already October 1st today. I asked Katie to start narrowing down her Christmas present ideas this morning while we were on our way to school. December will be here before you know it!

So - so many things have been going on..trying to focus on myself while being a supportive mom to 2 tween/teen girls is a full time job to say the least. Between Student Council, club meeting, Trumpet playing, Girl Scouts, cell phones, taxi shuttling, and everything else in the world...hard for a mom to have a few moments to craft.

I did get a little time this week and this is one of my favorite most recent layouts of Ivy.
Titled "My Wishes 4 You"...

Sep 25, 2009

I'm still around

Sorry for the lack in posting recently, I'm still alive.
I'm just working on a different kind of project latley...ME.
I do have some pretties to post this weekend, and I'm going to a crop so I'll be back soon!

Sep 15, 2009

sorry about no posts...I've been sick for several days, hopefully will have some new goodies soon!

Sep 10, 2009

Hoo do you see?

A quick layout of my youngest, Ivy...on her first day back to school.
Used some fun fancy pants owl paper that a
wonderful friend gave me! I put glitter on the HOO, the circle under the little owl embellishment is just clipped around the edges, nothing fancy here!

Sep 8, 2009

Twenty-One Days

Join me in changing one small area of your life for the better!
(Click on the picture above to learn more)

Sep 4, 2009

Fun way to end the week!

I created this layout at our Biggest Loser finale and crop. I love this photo taken just a few weeks ago before school started. I used sketch #23 from 52 Sketches for the layout. Enjoy your day !

Sep 2, 2009

Mixed bag...

Yesterday was kinda a mixed bag for me... I won the biggest loser contest with the local scrapbooking group I organize "Creative Outlet". That was great, I knew I'd done well...but wasn't convinced I'd win, but I'm certainly happy about it.

I applied for something I didn't get...not the end of the world, but was kinda discouraged about it overall.

This morning was awesome...after a 4 week break, I got to return to my beloved water aerobics classes. I was so happy, I went to 2 classes (total workout 1 1/2) WooHoo! I love our teacher Anna...she is the ONLY reason I keep going back to the location. (lol...the story on that if for another day)

I'm just kinda mentally dragging from letting other peoples drama bother me. I know I shouldn't...I tell myself, it's their problem not mine, you can't make them all happy...but in the end, it still feels like a weight around your neck. I think there are some changes in store for after the holidays. For now...I'll try to put it out of my mind, put the happy face on and try to find pleasure in the good!

So here is a recent page...hope you enjoy!

Sep 1, 2009

Give it a try...

This weeks Card Sketch Challenge #16 at PaperPopcicles is a fun one...join the fun!

Here is my take on this weeks sketch, using Martha Stewart Halloween paper.
I've been dying to make some holiday goodies.
Here is the original sketch...

Aug 30, 2009

Crafty Weekend

Can you believe it will be September in only 2 days! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by for me, but on the positive side my birthday will be here soon -LOL!!

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been working on things...several just can be posted anywhere until they are used for their intended purpose...haha!

So here is a brand new 2 page layout - a RARE event for me these days. The pictures are from a few weeks ago when Katie attended a student council lock-in for team building. She had tons of fun, and gratefully her teacher/sponsor took TONS of pictures (yeah for a happy scrappy mom!)

Aug 25, 2009

As promised

A new layout for today! My hubby playing with our FAVORITE nephew (ok - our only nephew). Ethan is so funny. Chris' name was one of the first in our family he learned to say. It's so fun to see him play and tease with uncle Chris ...and of course Uncle LOVE to play too!

Big Day...

Imagine my surprise when I found out a recent layout I did was published on the Basic Grey website! I am thrilled to say the least. You can see it here. Now I'm off to get kids ready for school for DAY2...and I'll be back with something fun in just a bit.

Aug 24, 2009

Back to school

How appropriate this layout is for today of all days! I took my girls back to school today -one at a time. Two separate schools. One at 7:45 and one at 9...Somewhere between the two trips I realized, this is the last year I will be taking Katie "back to school". Next year she will likely drive herself. I mentioned this too her in the car this morning, she sweetly said "maybe I'll let you drive me"...I told her I would probably just have to resort to stalking her from my own car, following her in traffic...haha! Sure is hard to see these babies grow all up and gain their independence.

Aug 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

Sorry for the big gap in posting. School starts tomorrow and life has been a whirlwind!
I've got lost of layouts done and ready to post. Be back in the morning with something creative for ya!

Aug 17, 2009

That makes 2 of us...

I had a blast making this layout from the sketch below, it all part of the challenge over at From Here 2 Scrapternity.

Aug 16, 2009

My lil Bug Boy

A few weeks ago we had a family party for my brother's birthday. I got the opportunity to take some fun pictures of my lil nephew Ethan. He was enjoying his new bug box and a grass snake Ivy found. He was just so interested in it all. Now that my kids are older...I forget about those lil moments you get to witness when children are little sponges taking everything in around them.

Aug 15, 2009

Nature Girl

Just a quick layout for you today....we are busy-busy today.
If I'd been more of a planner today's layout would be my sweet hubby...since it's our Anniversary. I'll try and have something "mushy" by monday!

Aug 13, 2009

Pink Cricut Sighting

I was at my local Micheal's this morning when I saw the new Pink Cricut by Provo Craft in stores for the 1st time. It is so awesome! I wish it came in the baby bug size I've been wanting to buy one for crops (so I don't have to carry my big one).
I was selling for $399 and comes with 3 cartridges! A good deal, and supporting a GREAT CAUSE...Breast Cancer Awareness.

Take the Challenge

Each week over at Paper Popsicles they post a card sketch to inspire you to design your own card. This week, Challenge #13 is the sketch seen below:

This was my first week to play with this challenge. I had alot of fun designing my entry and shuffleing paper around in my craft room!
Here is my take:

Aug 12, 2009

Family Fun

Tuesday I spent some time scrapping for FUN. These pictures were just taken a couple weeks ago at my brother's birthday party. I sat my girls down and got a few pictures of them with their cousin ETHAN!!! He is such a fun guy and we all just love him. while taking pictures someone said to give him a made for a great series of pictures for this layout....

Aug 11, 2009

Starting with a BANG!

It's gonna be a fantastic day I can already tell!!!
I went to my local Micheals this morning...snagged the new Martha Stewart loopy boarder. My friend (and Micheals employee) said the other location had the corner punch to match off I ran to the next store. I found the ever-coveted DRIPPY GOO border punch I'd been dying for since it's debut last Halloween. Each store only received 6 this year
No wonder nobody can find it...Nobody but ME!!! {insert evil laugh}
I also picked up a 3rd punch that I'd been wanting too, as it was only $9.99.

The best part...I got to use a 50% off coupon on EACH and EVERY one of them!!! On my way home, I got a call from the store manager...she found the loopy corner punch I originally went there for...So I'm heading back after lunch to pick that baby up!

Aug 10, 2009


DROWNING in swaps that is...are you surprised?
I spent most my weekend wrapping up lil details on swaps.
  • finished my P for Happy Birthday Rag Banner
  • packed up Katie and I's twilight charms for that swap
  • finished my lollipop flowers (six spots) that's 144 flowers
  • finished my recipe swap layouts for Carmel Apple Salad - YUM!

It was a productive weekend!!!

Aug 7, 2009

Our Girl

Tonight I worked on completing a sketch from Paper Popsicles. I like the way it turn out. This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Katie.

Aug 6, 2009

All grown up!

Quick Layout of my oldest daughter learning to drive the riding lawn mower last summer while we were at the farm ...

Who knew this summer she'd be driving her daddy's truck!

Aug 5, 2009

Freebie Friday

Everyone loves FREEBIES right? Well over at Paper Popsicles they have a fun thing going called freebie Friday. You really should heard over, read about it and take a few minutes to get your chance to win the goodies! coming!

Wow, this summer has flown by! My kids start back to school in a little more than 2 weeks (woohoo) In all the hustle and bustle of back to school, football games, homecoming...Halloween will be upon us before we know it.

Here is a layout of my sweet lil Sassy in her pumpkin costume last year. She was a good sport about wearing it (but she was having no part of the hat). This years costume has already been purchased...a hot dog with mustard & ketchup!!! She will look so cute!

Aug 4, 2009

Lucky Mom

Recent page I created with pictures from Mother's Day 2008...

Aug 2, 2009


I haven't scrapped for "fun" in awhile. Today I sat down and using a Scrapbooks etc. sketch for inspiration did this lil layout of my daughter, Ivy and her pet gerbil.

Jul 31, 2009

Adornit Blog Hop

I just love swapping and on the great people I've met and wonderful projects I have gotten from all over the world. I'm currently in a swap over at 2peas that is Lollipop Flowers, based on the recent Prima style that everyone loves.

Making these embellishment are much more rewarding in my opinion, as you can make them to match whatever project your working on.

I've used the Prima design, but replaced the paper with fabric. By cutting 3 circles, 3 sizes it makes for a really full and fun flower. I use alternating fabrics/colors and each layer is 2 of that size to make them nice and thick.

I begin by sewing each pair approximately 1/4inch from the edge around the circle. I do this for the large and medium circles. Then I stack those and top with the smallest set of circles and sew thru all 3 sets in a small X in the middle to hold them all together.

After I'm done, I wash them in my washing machine and run then thru the dryer to fray the edges, allowing them to look really full.

You can also add buttons or other embellishments to the centers after the washing and drying.

Hope you like them...I see many layouts and cards with these fun flowers in my future!!!

**If you have not had the opportunity to start the blog hop from the beginning, please be sure to go to this site, so you don't miss any of the AWESOME goodies we have for you all.**

Next on the BLOG HOP is Charlotte Dixon!!!

Jul 29, 2009

Queen of Hearts

I finished my Disney art dolls today! Can't wait to see all the little dolls I get in return. This was a time consuming project since each and every piece was hand formed - one at a time! I expect the rewards will be well worth it, as the group of ladies I am swapping with these are all 1st class gals!

Jul 28, 2009

That's MY girl

My oldest daughter, Katie has been trying out different styles of weaving and braiding. Making bracelets and other jewelry and charms. these hemp bracelets are her newest project and I love how they've turned out. The lil charms she is weaving in have turned out super cute! I think I may list a couple in my etsy store for her.

Jul 27, 2009

Manic Monday

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I have some fun projects I'm wrapping up this week. Disney art dolls are at the top of my list. I'm doing the Queen of hearts...8 of them. I'm more than half done and will post the finish product later today. Here is what they looked like last night....

Jul 22, 2009

Dotee Dolls

Wrapping up my last doll, a Fairy dotee spot I am angeling for our swap. I finished all the lil details and thought I'd post some pictures before I mail them on in a few days!

Jul 21, 2009

special order

After a couple weeks of looking for the perfect fabric. I finished making my girls their own coin purses like I made for a recent swap. It was important to find fabric that matched something they loved or kinda fit their personality. They both are very happy with their new items!Penguins for Katie
Rocker style for Ivy!!

Jul 19, 2009

Cool Mini Album

I can't take credit for this AWESOME idea. I got the idea/inspiration from Jhopkins. I've been working on my own for a short while. I recently joined an online group of scrappers on 2peas who are all working on loosing weight. I thought it would be fun to use this project for that album. I love how it turned out so far. I still need a charm for the outside and to decorate the front...but so far so good!

Jul 18, 2009

Hard Decision

After much thought, my daughter, has decided to not continue with Colorguard for the 2009-2010 school year, in effort to pursue other things. I think there are great things ahead for her!

Inchie fun

This week I finished up my most recent swap...INCHIES! A one square inch of some type of art, they can be used on cards, as embellishments on scrapbooking pages or tags...very versatile lil babies. My scrapbooking group does a swap with them every quarter.
I did stars and glitter stripes, a Tim Holtz eclectic style stamp with watercolor background and some clear dimensional glossy accents and rainbow squares (Roy G. Biv) topped with dictionary punched flowers and jewel centers. These were alot of fun.

Jul 11, 2009

Party Girl

Tonight was my sister-n-law's birthday party. We had a house full of people and a great time. I made her a card. I am often guilty of buying cards because I wait to the last minute...but not this year!

I made 2 cards because a friend from water aerobic has a birthday this week also and I thought I'd at least make her a card. She's an older gal, but oh so sweet and I don't think she has much family around.

I used Cosmo Crickets "Girl Friday" line for both cards and the inspiration was from a card a gal at My Next Thirty Years made.