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Sep 2, 2009

Mixed bag...

Yesterday was kinda a mixed bag for me... I won the biggest loser contest with the local scrapbooking group I organize "Creative Outlet". That was great, I knew I'd done well...but wasn't convinced I'd win, but I'm certainly happy about it.

I applied for something I didn't get...not the end of the world, but was kinda discouraged about it overall.

This morning was awesome...after a 4 week break, I got to return to my beloved water aerobics classes. I was so happy, I went to 2 classes (total workout 1 1/2) WooHoo! I love our teacher Anna...she is the ONLY reason I keep going back to the location. (lol...the story on that if for another day)

I'm just kinda mentally dragging from letting other peoples drama bother me. I know I shouldn't...I tell myself, it's their problem not mine, you can't make them all happy...but in the end, it still feels like a weight around your neck. I think there are some changes in store for after the holidays. For now...I'll try to put it out of my mind, put the happy face on and try to find pleasure in the good!

So here is a recent page...hope you enjoy!


laterg8r said...

love the angle of your photo :D

KarenSue said...

very cool, what are the papers you used?

Ang said...
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Angie P said...

the paper line used on this layout was REBEL by Glitz