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Oct 31, 2008

Fright Night

This is a 1st for the Palin house...we've never let the kids dress as anything scary for Halloween...but you know how that goes, the youngest always get away with more-LOL!

Katie went to a Halloween party with friends, as Miss America...she loved the sash I made for her.

Ivy was beyond thrilled that I bought her some face paints...she just insisted that she needed some blood!

And we can't leave out my littlest pumpkin...SASSY!

Oct 30, 2008


I made some bus treats for my guard gals. Tonight is our last home game, our annual Thursday night game and SENIOR night! I thought I'd make them something festive this week.

Oct 27, 2008

Oct 24, 2008

Over & Out

We are up bright and early this Friday morning - which we conveniently have NO SCHOOL. We're Odessa Bound - for Area UIL Marching Band Competitions. We perform 3:15pm on Saturday afternoon. Until then we will be driving and practicing, practicing and driving! It will be great....but a long trip.

There WILL of course be TONS of pictures when I get back!
Till then - silently cheer us on...the kids would love to make state.

Oct 23, 2008

Her {BIG} day

(click photo to see full size)

Here she is...wearing her mum and heading off to school.The last day of the 9weeks, all but one CBA test behind her for the quarter. In just a bit more than 24hours - we'll be on a bus together, headed to Odessa for the Area competition.

Oct 22, 2008

Homecoming Parade

The Central homecoming parade was Monday night, but with all that has been going on here, I haven't had an opportunity to get the pictures up until now. It was alot of fun and the turn-out was impressive. Since we will be in Odessa instead of attending the Homecoming Game, Ivy wore her mum to the parade and pep-rally! Katie will be wearing her mum to come!

Oct 21, 2008

Tonsil Time

Today was the day for Ivy to get her tonsil's removed. She was actually a bit excited-lol. In efforts to not scare her, we kinda down-played the upcoming experience. Katie did tell her this past weekend she would feel bad a couple days...but she was abit unprepared for what was to come.

We arrived at 6am to check in and get prepped. We weren't due in surgery till 7 - we luckily got the first spot of the day, but we did have a bit of time to kill. As you can see - she was not nervous.

She wasn't feeling quite as well - when they brought me back to recovery. She was crying - a typical reaction for some patients waking up from the anesthesia. I guess being a surgical frequent flier myself - has help prepare me for the several surgeries my kiddos have had. I'm at least calm and patient - and can understand what they are going through.

We got home about about fast! She's glad to be home, resting on the couch, snoozing on and off while watching some cartoons.

We're heading to ODESSA!!!

Yup...we did great at the Regional competition Saturday....we received all 1's (perfect score) and we will perform at the AREA competition Saturday 10/25.

Oct 18, 2008

That's Heavy

Only a couple weeks ago I became aware that TEXAS is one of the few states who do Homecoming Mums!?!? WOW - do the others not realize what they are missing out on?- lol

Why wouldn't every state participate in this fine tradition? 5lbs. of ribbon and trinket draped from your chest? Doesn't it sound fun!!!

I personally had my 1st {and last} mum in JR high...good ol' Lamar (ugh!) One teacher told us all we sounded like cattle and made us remove them until class was over. It didn't really bother me then, but now, as a mother...if someone said that to my daughter, I'd probably smack them around! - I never even mentioned the statements to my mom - as it was probably among some of the nicer things a teacher had said to me - LOL ( ok lol for me & you, but my mom is probably still not laughing)

ANYWAYS...this week is HOMECOMING for my daughter's High School - and thus the need for a mum! Katie is VERY excited for the event of this next week. Monday is the homecoming parade and community pep-rally, the game is Friday - we play Colleyville-Heritage **BUT** we are hoping to miss the ENTIRE heard me correctly...We're hoping to be on a Charter Bus heading to ODESSA for AREA Competition for UIL 5A division...we will know after today!

Oct 16, 2008

Introducing BOO #2....

Ok - as promised, here is the second set of Boo letters.

Oct 15, 2008

Total Lift...

This idea I've seen various places over the past few weeks. I just had to have a set to call my own. I actually made 2 sets...but couldn't decide which I liked I've kept them both for the time being. I'll post a photo of the second set tomorrow, this is the set both my girls like best.


I have a squatter in my birdhouse....but I like her so much - I'm gonna let her stay for awhile!

a few more pictures

Oct 11, 2008

The BIG Day

Today our son Jared got married. More pictures to come...was a long day.

Oct 9, 2008

Card Swap

A couple cards I made for a recent card swap. I did mine early - but one person flaked, so a friend and I split the task of making an extra set each - so the fellow swappers wouldn't be shorted on the swap.

Oct 7, 2008

There's an oddball in EVERY bunch!

There is definitely an odd-ball in EVERY bunch - but Irises are not typically what comes to mind! Yesterday as I was leaving to pick up the girls from school - I noticed this little fella...standing nice and tall in a tight bud - just dying to open and be the center of attention. I even pointed him out to both the girls - and we laughed at how he must be confused! This isn't April of course...who ever heard of an October Iris? I guess he likes the weather, or was just looking for alot of attention! This morning Chris came walking in the door with this silly oddball Iris in his hand...even he noticed that something was not quite right with his Halloween appearance! None-the-less, we put the little guy in a vase, and I will certainly enjoy him for the few days he is around!

Oct 6, 2008

Halloween Banner Swap

I recently participated in a swap on 2peas, that is a Halloween Banner Swap. It was alot of fun, we had so many people interested, we ended up doing 2 banners - Happy Halloween & Spooky! I love how they turned out...I'm not big into the mix -n- match look, bit for Halloween, I think it works. I plan on making on for Christmas, but not with a swap..I will want it all matchy-matchy!

Oct 5, 2008

A few pictures

katie 2
Click to Enlarge - Copyright 2008 BigDog Photos

Click to Enlarge - Copyright 2008 BigDog Photos