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Apr 29, 2009

scrapbooking group tshirts

We're voting on a logo design today
the winner is #4

Apr 28, 2009

remember this wreck?

Well, I've been BUSY!
I've unmounted ALL my wood mounted rubber stamps and organized them in CD cases, with scanned copies of the images they stamp.

I got my wonderful hubby to relocate my armoire to my scrappin room and I'm almost finished with cleaning out the drawers too!

This makes such a BIG different in the space required to store these stamps. I have too much money invested to just throw them out, but don't used them near enough to justify them taking up so much room. This is defiantly a fair solution and economical too.

Apr 24, 2009

Dressed in Blue...

Tonight was the Band Banquet and Katie has been excited all week - along with all her friends! Dressing up, hair and make-up...all so much fun! She looked so beautiful when I dropped her off tonight.

Apr 19, 2009

Over already?

This weekend we went to our extended families farm down in Whitney. It is always a fun time, good food and great fellowship! This weekend was NO exception. I took over 300 pictures in 48hours and FINALLY got the opportunity to stop at a few locations I have had my eye on for awhile to shoot some pictures.
Here are 3 I got cropped and edited tonight...more to come, but it's off too bed for me!

Apr 17, 2009

Dollar Stamp Storage Solution

We the first hint would be...STOP buying them (lol)...but that just isn't realistic. Who can pass up these lil gems at only $1.00?

A few days ago I came across the BEST idea for storing them, it wasn't my idea, but something I read on my favorite website and message board, 2peas in a bucket! I wish I could remember who posted it...I am still hunting thru threads, but if you know leave me a comment so I can give that AWESOME gal proper credit! Baseball Card protective pages...they have 9 pockets per page and fit the $1.00 sets perfectly~

I am already loving this new system. So cheap and simple. Life just doesn't get any better..ok, that's a little extreme I know. But to a crafter, stamper, scrapbooker...easy organization for your loads of stuff (aka crap) is HUGE!

I bought my pages of many of you who know me IRL know...Ebay is my go to for everything but groceries! My friend Katy told me her mom buys the pages locally at the major office supply stores.

Apr 15, 2009

Cupcake goodness

I've been playing around with some felt ideas for an upcoming "cupcake themed crop" for National Scrapbook Day. So far these are my 2 Not sure if I will use them as pin cushions or a little wall hanging decoration.

Apr 14, 2009

Too much fun

Today is going to be a FUN filled day! Our scrapbooking group is having an all day crop in celebration for Katy's birthday!! I made a fun cake last night for her
...the theme for the crop is "Party like a rock star", so naturally the cake needed to match.

Katy is an awesome gal! She is a HUGE Bon Jovi fan. So, it is only fitting we celebrate her day in style. She is heading out soon actually to see her beloved BJ in Vega (lucky girl)!

Apr 13, 2009

OMG! what was I thinking...

Tonight I was attempting to straighten my "tub-o-ribbon" from when I decided it would be better to take it all off the rolls (someone bad led me down that path). Once the rolls were gone, there was NEVER another good way to store them. TRUST ME...I've tried it all!

I have since, kept all my new ribbon on the rolls, but in the meantime, I was left with a disaster to deal with. Tonight I came up with something I THINK I can "live with" until it is gone!

...And if you happen to see me in the ribbon isles of your local craft store,

please tell me to GO HOME!

Apr 12, 2009

Easter Turtle!

On our drive home from Easter lunch with my parents and brother we saw a HUGE turtle! After the rain is always the best time for turtle sightings...TURTLES are my favorite!!!

never enough

Last night I gave my new GIANT cupcake cake-pan a test run!

We will be eating this one with family for Easter desert today. It was so fun to make. I made homemade butter cream icing too and tinted it slightly yellow(my favorite color of course)!

They even make giant sprinkles for these cakes...but I haven't picked any up yet.

Apr 11, 2009

cupcake love

I recently got a couple cupcake towers at the Dollar General of all places. They were even on clearance for $6.00 each. They are cute, but just plain I added some stones to one to fancy it up a bit.

I got them for a couple reasons...#1 we are hosting a cupcake themed crop for National Scrapbook Day May 1-2, so we needed more towers to hold the cupcake yummies! #2 I can never have too much cupcake stuff.

I've been making a few paper cupcakes eventually fill the cupcake towers in my scrap room..since real cupcakes won't work!

Apr 9, 2009

My Armoire runneth over...

Several years ago I got into rubber stamps really big. I love them but don't use them near enough to justify the space they are taking up in my life (and bedroom). Over the years they have filled an armoire and spilled out into the floor and a Rubbermaid tub - lol!

In an effort to get them out of the bedroom and into the craft room, I am unmounting them from their wood blocks and organizing them in clear CD Rom cases. So far - So good! I'm loving how much space it saves and I've already unmounted 24sets...and ran out of CD cases!

So I'm posting the "BEFORE" picture of the mess, and I will (fingers crossed
post an "AFTER" photo within the next few days showing the complete process!!!

Apr 7, 2009

Vacation for who?

This week my sweet husband is on vacation. He's actually been off work since last Thursday and will return next Monday the 13th. The fun lasted all of about 3!

I love my hubby, but boy does it change our schedules for him to be home. Mainly because he works night and when he is home still sleep weird hours and want to play with the kids all hours of the night! Of course I am the lone "bad guy" telling everyone this is not!

I haven't completed or even started a creative project since he's been home...but I have been thinking about even drew a couple idea for a new tattoo today. He's always up for running out to get some new ink.

Hopefully I will complete something worthwhile this week!

Apr 2, 2009


I finished my charm swap last night...I made a small change to the iPods and finished the IMspeak...they are my personal favorite!

I'm also posting the pendant I made earlier this week for the Pendant swap I'm in...only had to make 15 of those, they turned out ok I think and I made a few extra for me and the girls!

Apr 1, 2009

theme for the day...

...seems to be "things I made and don't like"..Lol!
I've been working to finish some charms for a senior/high school girl swap...the first 3 came out ok. ...but as I worked to complete the last 3 spots (school, teen girl and IMspeak) I've really struggled to come up with ideas, and especially idea I can actually make.

I tried pencils for "school theme" AND I tried iPods for the "Teen girl theme"

I don't like the end result for looks like I'm searching for more ideas- UGH!