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Apr 1, 2009

theme for the day...

...seems to be "things I made and don't like"..Lol!
I've been working to finish some charms for a senior/high school girl swap...the first 3 came out ok. ...but as I worked to complete the last 3 spots (school, teen girl and IMspeak) I've really struggled to come up with ideas, and especially idea I can actually make.

I tried pencils for "school theme" AND I tried iPods for the "Teen girl theme"

I don't like the end result for looks like I'm searching for more ideas- UGH!


buffi said...

Angie these are awesome! I'm glad I'm getting one of each in the swap!

Vicki said...

Angie........I love both of these! They will look amazing on a bracelet-lol

Anonymous said...

I love them too Angie. Do you have any tiny rhinestones? The ipods would look great with a bit of bling!
Sarah (psycholopea)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Those are cute! What are the ipods made of?