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Apr 11, 2009

cupcake love

I recently got a couple cupcake towers at the Dollar General of all places. They were even on clearance for $6.00 each. They are cute, but just plain I added some stones to one to fancy it up a bit.

I got them for a couple reasons...#1 we are hosting a cupcake themed crop for National Scrapbook Day May 1-2, so we needed more towers to hold the cupcake yummies! #2 I can never have too much cupcake stuff.

I've been making a few paper cupcakes eventually fill the cupcake towers in my scrap room..since real cupcakes won't work!


Lida said...

Happy Easter! Those paper cupcakes are really cool!

Jessica said...

Those paper cupcakes are too cute. You have to make a template for us!! Bring it to lunch next week!!

Rachel said...

$6- what a great steal!!!!!!!!

Deanna said...

love those cupcakes they are so cute