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Apr 28, 2009

remember this wreck?

Well, I've been BUSY!
I've unmounted ALL my wood mounted rubber stamps and organized them in CD cases, with scanned copies of the images they stamp.

I got my wonderful hubby to relocate my armoire to my scrappin room and I'm almost finished with cleaning out the drawers too!

This makes such a BIG different in the space required to store these stamps. I have too much money invested to just throw them out, but don't used them near enough to justify them taking up so much room. This is defiantly a fair solution and economical too.


debevans said...

How'd you take them off the wood??
I have a book of clear stamps and it's getting HUGE...I like the CD case idea!

Deanna said...

LOVE IT!!! Isn't organization the best feeling ever?