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Sep 30, 2008

Halloween Advent Calendar Swap

I recently participated in a swap for a Halloween Advent Calendar. They all arrived in the mail yesterday - Just in time for October decorating! I decorate square #2...the lil skull girl. I re-did a couple of the days that just weren't "my style"...but they all arrived pretty darn cute! I put them up on my refrigerator, just to take a picture of them all, when I get them on the permanent "calendar" I'll post a new picture.

Sep 28, 2008

My buddy and me!

Today we spent the day with Mr. Ethan, while his mommy & daddy went to the Dallas Cowboy football game. We had alot of fun...from wagon rides, to bath-tub bubbles, cousins loving on each other and lots of snacks. He even modeled his new Romo Jersey for us!

Sep 27, 2008

Friday Night Football

Last night was my nephew Ethan 1st time to attend a football game with us! He was so good. Uncle Chris was even able to sneak him his first taste of some candy...a strawberry Twizzler!

Sep 26, 2008

It's been a FUN week

Tuesday I had a yummy lunch with my good friend Vicki. She treated me to lunch at one of my favorite places...RED ROBINS. She's never been there before, but I think she will be going back again!
Wednesday I went to lunch with my parents. We ate at another of my favorite places PASADO'S and is was sure yummy. We had a great time visiting and catching up on each others news, since the girls were in school - we actually got to visit!

Thursday I attended my weekly scrapbooking meet-up with my best scrappin girl friends. My good friend Tonya brought me a really special Birthday Gift. She knows how much I love cupcakes...and made me, YES ...MADE me a cover for my cricut with CUPCAKE fabric. It is SO DARN CUTE! I just love it...I've showed it off to everyone who will listen or look.
She even embroidered my name on it!!! Doesn't it make you want one too...???

Sep 24, 2008

Birthday week for ME?

Sunday my dear hubby and daughter's surprised me with cake and flowers.
Katie picked this bright yellow cake - because I love yellow! - LOL
I'm not big on posting pictures of myself, especially when I look like death warmed over, but I figured I should since they were so sweet to me.

Sep 22, 2008

Keeping it simple

We just hung out at home this weekend and I scrapped off and on. I wasn't in the mood to do anything too I just kept it simple!

Sep 21, 2008

Been Busy...

I've been scrappin at home this weekend. I've got quite a few pages done, I just need to take the time to photograph them and upload them. I'm sure I'll get all that taken care of tomorrow morning. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Sep 20, 2008

Friday Night

Few pictures from last nights game. The girls were in full uniform. They did an awesome job, you could really tell they've been working hard. Several of us headed to IHOP after the game. We didn't get home till 1:32...I was so ready to fall into the bed. I got a good chuckle from seeing the picture Katie and a friend took in the IHOP bathroom mirror-silly girls!

Sep 19, 2008

R U ready for some FOOTBALL?

The color guard got their warm-up suits this week...along with their show uniforms, so this week we will be in uniform 100% ~ YEAH!!! I think Katie was excited to wear her new game day duds this morning...she looked nice, so I took a couple pictures.

Sep 18, 2008

Un-usual treat container

So, each week - the colorguard prepares a treat box/container full of candy to give to the opposing teams colorguard as a kind gesture of good sportsmanship..LOL.

This week were playing the Richland Rebels...both my husband Chris' and our son's alma mater as luck would have it! I decorated this weeks container tonight, and think it turned out pretty good for the occasion. I was hesitant to use the Rebel flag on it...although it is part of their mascot/theme. So I kept the elements, but used them in different ways.

I don't think they will have any clue this container was a slim-Jim jerky package-LOL.(how appropriate for those hillbillies!)


Sep 16, 2008

Christmas Stocking Advent SWAP

I'm participating in a swap on 2peas, where we each make a mini stocking (24 of them to be exact) and we each have a number (I am always #2)...we each will end up with one of each for each day in December. I finished mine today.

Sep 15, 2008

Kinda a lull...

I typically enjoy participating in both challenges and working with sketches...I don't know if i struggled with this most recent one because I was sick and just not feeling creative, or because I just wasn't inspired by the sketch...but I found this one hard to complete.

My local Scrapbooking group, started a sketch challenge for this month, and I wanted to participate to encourage others to join in also...but it just didn't come easy this time. Some you like, some you LOVE and some you!

Sep 11, 2008

something different...

While out shopping recently I came across some cute fabrics I knew Ivy would love. I bought some, thinking she's enjoy a fun pillow case and it's been in the bag for a couple weeks. Since she's been sick this week and spent so much time in bed...I thought now would be a good time to complete the project! So I drug out my sewing machine and got to work. Just a quick lil project...and she really likes it.

We went to the ENT today, and as expected they changed her antibiotic to something stronger and said we need to get her scheduled for a tonsillectomy. Ugh! They said she can go back to school Monday...dang, an entire week lost...right at the beginning of school.

*** oh...did I mentioned I now how a sore throat too? The joy of being a parent I guess- LOL

Sep 10, 2008

{ Day 3 }

I'm home on day 3 of having a sick kid. She's been on antibiotics for more than 24 hours, but still feeling worse each day. We've got an appointment with the ENT for tomorrow...think we need a different antibiotics, she's pretty resistant since she's been on them so frequently. Guess we're gonna have to break down and schedule that tonsillectomy the doctors have been suggesting for about 6 months. UGH!

Sep 9, 2008


Time seems to be sucked into a blackhole around her some days (or weeks). Sorry I haven't posted in much is going on. We're still trying to get into the swing of back to school & practices are daily and demanding for Katie with colorguard.

Quick Catch-up...

Friday was football game night...we played Newman Smith H.S. in Carrollton. We won (again - snicker, snicker) with a score of 42 to 28...Go Chargers!!! We went out to eat after the game and didn't get home till after 2am. Ivy feel asleep on the table at Buffalo Wild, to bad I was too tired to get my camera out of the car.

Saturday we cooked 2 briskets for my dad's retirement party! We headed over there around 5 and it was a great time. We had alot of great food and a really fun night. We got home around 9 - and promptly went to bed-lol...we were still worn out from Friday night.

Sunday Chris got up bright and early to go shooting with a friend....Katie and I slept till about 1. She wined about homework, and I just took it easy for most the day.

Sep 3, 2008

Girls with Guns

Alot of times when I go to crops I only do layouts of pictures and the papers...I just build pages and stop there. I find it very difficult to haul all my embellishments with me or to sort through them and know which ones I may decided to use in advance.

I built this layout a while back...but just got it embellished and finished last night. There aren't alot of embellishments on the market for guns or just shooting. I used my Indie Art cartridge for my cricut and it had a cross hair that worked perfectly. I added some red girlie it up a bit-lol!

Sep 2, 2008

Just a quick card...

Been working on some swaps alot recently and been wanting to play a bit. I don't stamp often I made this for fun.

Made using Sweater Treaters SU set from 2003

Sep 1, 2008

Inchie Swap

I'm participating in a couple inchie swaps ( 1 inch by 1 inch pieces of art) on 2 peas. I signed up for Halloween and Christmas. I got mine done yesterday...