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Sep 9, 2008


Time seems to be sucked into a blackhole around her some days (or weeks). Sorry I haven't posted in much is going on. We're still trying to get into the swing of back to school & practices are daily and demanding for Katie with colorguard.

Quick Catch-up...

Friday was football game night...we played Newman Smith H.S. in Carrollton. We won (again - snicker, snicker) with a score of 42 to 28...Go Chargers!!! We went out to eat after the game and didn't get home till after 2am. Ivy feel asleep on the table at Buffalo Wild, to bad I was too tired to get my camera out of the car.

Saturday we cooked 2 briskets for my dad's retirement party! We headed over there around 5 and it was a great time. We had alot of great food and a really fun night. We got home around 9 - and promptly went to bed-lol...we were still worn out from Friday night.

Sunday Chris got up bright and early to go shooting with a friend....Katie and I slept till about 1. She wined about homework, and I just took it easy for most the day.

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Tammy Skinner said...

Hi Angie!! You were almost in my neck of the woods on Friday night! Did you go to the Buffalo Wild Wings over in Lewisville? We've gone there before... it's not bad.

I added the Live Feed to my blog. It's interesting to see who is 'lurking' on your blog... hehehee! Talk to you later!