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Mar 31, 2009

pardon the dust...

I've been such a BAD much has been going on here lately. Maybe they will slow down, but certainly no guarantee!

I've got some swaps done, I'll be posting tomorrow.

This past weekend was the final Winterguard competition for Katie's team. They did well, considering they are a predominately freshman squad and they were bumped to a higher class at the 1st competition of the year (double edged sword kinda).

Mar 23, 2009

plans change...

So I had such plans for my day, but my pup had a spot on her back leg. We took her to our vet, but he couldn't do surgery till April 21. We were gonna wait, but the past few days she hasn't been walking, or eating much. I took her to our "old vet"... I only changed vet to easy Chris' pain, since cat was put to sleep there a few years ago. They were able to do the surgery this afternoon and we should know in 3-days what the lump was. Hopefully she will be back to her old self in a few days!

Monday Madness!

Sunday was such a nice day, we went geocaching as a family.
I'll be back later with some craftiness!

Mar 18, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Thanks is kinda the theme for m most recent swap! Hosted by a fun friend "Hello*Kitty"...we're doing a rainbow swap. Each person picks a shape/item and makes one in each of 6 colors for each member of the swap. There are 20 people...I didn't do the math, but a friend informed me I was making 120 of these lil babies...that began to suck the fun right out of my project (LOL...not really Deanna!) I was happy to finish them last night...I'm typically an early bird on swaps (these aren't due till May 1) They are bagged, tagged and ready to mail!

Mar 16, 2009

This weekend I've been working on some swap charms...
The theme is "High School Girl"....the groups are small, so I signed up for 6.
Graduation, Senior, Band/Music, IM speak, Teen girl, school
Here are the 4 I finished...

Mar 12, 2009

Drum Roll ....PLEASE!!!!

The minute you've all been waiting for...
ok...the moment I've been dying for.

I FINALLY...yes Finally finished painting my shelf!

It's taken me 2 weeks and alot of coats of paint. I must be slowing down with age (hehe!) or something ?.. I've never been so stinkin slow at painting something, I'm guessing the round spindles and flipping shelves back and forth was party to blame. So - this little gem comes apart. I felt to "do it right" I should take it apart...that way no straining to trim it out and be real neat.

NO...I was wrong, I should have half a$$ed it this time...there were moments I considered throwing it away, running it over piece by piece, starting a grand bond fire with get the point. Lesson learned...not everything have to be done perfect.

So WITHOUT further a-do...I present the shelf

(and as if that wasn't enough) an added of the curtains too. I'm sure a few of you were beginning to wonder does this woman ever sew? maybe she doesn't even have a window and she's merely! I'm just a slacker...curtains aren't done, but so many people have asked, thought I'd show ya what I've got "so far".

Mar 11, 2009


That is the number in the left hand column on Ebay.
Our "buying total for the last 31 days"....YIKES!

Well...I did have some help with it this time.
I told my husband just yesterday I was gonna change the password to Ebay and Paypal!
Seems this month we "needed" some misc. gun parts, a scope and a new handheld GPS unit.
I have created an Ebay monster with him!

I have loved Ebay for's like going to a garage sale in your pajamas!!!
Did I mention I got a new cricut cartridge "Mini Monograms" for $22?

Mar 10, 2009

Turn 'em out Tuesday!

Finally a PAGE...I haven't done a layout in awhile...I keep myself strung out doing swaps and altered stuff alot lately. Tonight I watched a bit of TV while completing this layout. It is this months sketch challenge on the local meet-up group I organize. I thought I should try to lead by example and complete the sketch too ( last month I was a bad leader and didn't do it).

This month my local group is also doing a All About Me page swap. Each member creates 12 pages (for the 12 people participating). The pages don't have to be exact...but similar. I did the same layout and same photos and information...but different paper on them. Tomorrow I'll post those - ya, ya, I know they are supposed to be a secret...I've never been one much for following the rules (LOL).

Mar 9, 2009

Monday Fun...

Mondays are ALWAYS better when they contain HAPPY MAIL!

Everyone should get a new cricut cartridge in the mail every rule!

Mar 7, 2009

Wow...this week flew by for me! I've been working on painting a shelving unit for my scrappy room...the finally addition of furniture. Friday night I hosted my monthly scrapbooking crop and had a house full this month! It's is always so much fun to scrap with my friends! I wish I had more room to allow for even more people!

I'll leave you with a couple fun pictures of Ivy. She learned to chain stitch last weekend while spending the night with my mom. She loves it and is now trying to set a world record for the longest chain ....Kids!!

Mar 3, 2009

This morning after Ivy was done getting ready for school, she sat down to watch some cartoons. As most people know, our pup, Sassy is a lush...I looked up and this is what I saw:

Mar 2, 2009

I had a great weekend...
Saturday I attended an all-day crop with friends from 10a to 5pm.

After that my hubby and I went out for date-night dinner, while the kids spent the night at my moms. We haven't been kid-free since before Christmas!
Sunday we just hung around the house and watched a couple movies (Saw V & Lakeview Terrace)