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Mar 31, 2009

pardon the dust...

I've been such a BAD much has been going on here lately. Maybe they will slow down, but certainly no guarantee!

I've got some swaps done, I'll be posting tomorrow.

This past weekend was the final Winterguard competition for Katie's team. They did well, considering they are a predominately freshman squad and they were bumped to a higher class at the 1st competition of the year (double edged sword kinda).


Ladybug Diva said...

I know what you mean Angie! But, its those crazy schedules and events that keep our scrapbooks full! Can't wait to see what you've been up to though!

Deanna said...

I just want you to know I'd slap you silly if you put a picture of me like that on the web for everyone and their dog to see!!! LOL
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