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Dec 14, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled something

I'd like to report Ivy is MUCH better. It took 2 trips to 2 different hospitals be we got the meds. she needed, she returned to school Monday and is very happy to be feeling better.

So much has happened in such a small space of time...I taught my 2nd class at Scrappers Boutique. I got a cute new little car. I'm working on some fun things for the new year and coming seasons. I also had a digital layout I made for Lollipop Press picked up by a magazine. (I'll be posting it Jan 15 - so be sure to come back and check it out!)

Dec 7, 2010

Cards & a lil prayers please ;)

Just a few more stamping pretties to share with you today...I seem to have found my forgotten love for stamping!!!
Yesterday was unespectedly busy, if you a praying kind of person, say a little one for my youngest Ivy. She's had migraines for years, but recently had one for over 5days and it's not in the typical region migraines take place. I took her for a head catscan yesterday and we are awaiting results.
I wish you all well, much love....Angie P.

Dec 6, 2010

Stamping fun

Finally had a little crafting time this weekend. These 2 cards were alot of fun to make.

The first is from My Favorite Things. This cute little princess would be great for cards, invitations or even gift wrap and tags.

This cute little lamb was alot of fun to make also. This stamp was from the Cat's Pajamas. It's another versatile stamp, fun for winter or several other occasions with it's several sentiments to select from in the set.

I used BoBunny paper on both cards from the line of A gift of love. Copics for coloring, Maya Road embellishments.

Dec 5, 2010

Back on track

Yesterday was more in line for a "traditional" December Daily. My youngest sweet daughter made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my husband and I, when we returned for some Christmas shopping! (I won't go into details on what they tasted like as you will tell from the photos it was the THOUGHT that counted.)
That same child has anxiously been waiting to put up the tree, she put it all together by herself (with a short delay of "find the burnt out bulb). She did a fabulous job and it was such a nice help for her to do it all for me! I typically do it all by myself...and well as usual my husband does this...

Dec 4, 2010

Told ya this was a reality

Ok yesterdays December Daily was quite! We spent 6hours at our favorite tattoo shop getting some work done on my hubby. I had planned to get something also, but it took so long I was already an hour late for a
He already had the shark, but it need much love after 8-9years. The finished product looks awesome.

Dec 3, 2010

December Daily - #2

Well, today went much better. I decided to take my girls to the local Parade of lights. They were excited to go and I let them each bring a friend.
We arrived about 30minutes early. Got great seats, brought some snacks, lots of coats for bundling and it was a much better scene for my Dec. Daily day 2!!!!

Afterwards we stopped for drinks. Most of us got hot coffee or chocolate...but of course the younger girls got kids!

Dec 2, 2010

Your gonna love this...

So it's time for the "big reveal" of what I've been working on for my new design team position for Lollipop Press! The December line is fabulous and versatile enough to be used for many holiday layouts.

The line is appropriately named "Santa Baby". I love the vibrant colors and cute plethora of elements in this kit. Here is my first (of many) layout using these darling images.

December Daily - reality style

Well, my album was all made in advance (I will take pics and post tomorrow). I was so excited yesterday to do our 1st "Event" for it....then all hell broke loose.

I found my Alice in Wonderland album (the one that cost me $65 to make) with a ranch dip lid on top of it...ruining an entire page. The child responsible went into a tirade first crying and by the time it was over telling me she hated!

There was no soda for my sweet husbands to pack in his lunch - heck, there was no meal either. I'll be honest...I got busy playing with friends and totally forgot to cook him something.

Child #2 had to I felt bad to leave her out of the nights event, but in hindsight, she was probably the lucky one - haha!
We did eventually all calm down and around 9pm got the Advent stockings stuffed (by me) and all hung. This year Ivy will be odd numbers and Katie will be even.

Dec 1, 2010

Mid-week update

It's been a struggle to blog lately. I am neck deep in projects, but most I can't post because
1) they are Christmas presents (and those people read my blog)
2) they are for a design team and I can't release them yet.
I look at my blog each day wanting to post my pretties and end up in

Here are a couple digital layouts I can post, from the Lollipop Press.
I'm proud to announce I was selected to be part of their design team!