All that I'm after is a LIFE full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with YOU!

Aug 30, 2008

We won...

The Central Chargers won 35 to 10! YEAH...great game, but sure was hot and humid.

Aug 29, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

It's finally Friday in what seems a REALLY long 1st week of school. Tonight is Central's 1st game. We will be playing Mansfield at Keller stadium! Katie is very excited but somewhat unsettled about all the logistics, travel and scheduling. We're gonna try to relax and just go with the flow (LOL)! I have TONS of pictures to post tonight/ get ready for that. Hope everyone is having a GREAT week...enjoy your Holiday Weekend!

Aug 28, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

This week of back-to-school and early mornings is KILLING me! I keep waking up almost every hour, watching the clock, worrying I'm gonna over sleep or something?!?
Yesterday, A friend and I ventured out to the
Craft Scrapper in Waxahachie...since there getting so many new things in from CHA right now. I manage to reign myself in and keep my purchases under $100 - while still getting some much needed supplies for starting on Christmas! I think my FAVORITE purchase was my new MAYA ROAD cupcake stamp. I love anything to do with cupcakes and can certainly find tons of uses for this lil baby!

Aug 26, 2008

I finally got it...

For MONTHS I have been lusting after the newest idea book by Elsie Flannigan. It's been sold out since it's release. I've tried buying it on ebay. craigslist, scrapbook stores far and wide - BUT I finally got my hands on one. A fellow pea, happened to come to my aid...see she purchased it new for herself, but just didn't find the inspiration she had expected in it and was will to part with it for a reasonable price. Thus helping my dreams come true.... {lol}

My Colorguard Girl

This is a photo of this years colorguard. Katie is having a great time being a part of this awesome group of ladies!

Aug 25, 2008

I'm all alone...

School started today and the girls were certainly up for the new adventures! They both woke-up really early at 6-6:30! Katie gave her new straight iron a workout and Ivy was excited to tryout her new shoes. Ivy is moving to a new school this year - and she is REALLY looking forward to that. She will have 4 teachers, a locker and get to try some new things.

We took our annual Back to School pictures out by "the tree" that has grown up with them -lol!
They both were just giddy with excitement looking forward to the changes in store for them both this year. Katie is looking forward to her new school this year (can you believe it) she's in...HIGH SCHOOL!!! Where did the time go? I can remember taking her first day of kindergarten, with her pig tales and Scooby-Doo backpack! Now here stands a young woman, who will be riding to school ALONE with the teenage girl next door...they are both so excited!

Aug 23, 2008

I {heart} goody bags!

For the Colorguards 1st football game this season (coming this Friday) a good friend (Lisa) and I made some goodies boxes to fill with candy for the girls. We lifted the idea from fellow awesome stamper and crafter, Anna Wight (Sweet and Sassy Notes). Lisa and I both fell in love with her idea and just tweaked it to fit our need!

The Original Design by Anna Wight...

Our tweaked lil Version... (click to enlarge)

Aug 19, 2008

a little more felt fun...

From one of Elsie's new embroidery lines "Robot Kids"....

felt for a new friend

These little babies are for a fellow 2 peas friend...I'd never made one in blue before - but think it would be PERFECT for a baby card! Hope you enjoy them StrawberryFairy!

Aug 17, 2008

So Tell Me Your Story...

I came across a new challenge blog recently launched by a fellow "pea" - and I participated in her very 1st challenge awhile back. This week they are on challenge #4 - All about Music. I am a big music fan, so I thought this would be an appropriate week for me to again participate with them. The challenge is to essentially pick your top 5 songs that represent something in your life, invoke emotion, or remind you of someone/something significant. It was really hard to narrow the list down to only 5...but here is my layout. Enjoy!

Where does the time go?

Last night was "Date Night" for Chris and I to celebrate our wedding anniversary (August 15). We dropped the kids at my parents - and headed out to a nice quiet dinner - alone! Before we took the girls, I setup a couple shots and had Katie snap a few pictures of us....since we were actually dressed and both in the same location at the same time (such is the life of someone working nights). I think they came out pretty good...this is my favorite.

Aug 16, 2008

Fun Layout

Last night I finished this Layout of Ivy. The pictures totally fits her personality. She is an "in-your-face" kind of gal! Fun and outgoing...always acting silly, and saying some of the craziest things! This page also was my entry for the What's the Word? challenge over at Feeling Scrappy. This months word was YOU!

Aug 15, 2008

one more done...

I'm doing another swap for Halloween - a second tag banner, this one will say SPOOKY!

A few swaps...

I've been doing a few swaps on a scrapbooking board I like, 2 peas in a bucket. I finally finished up a Halloween Charm swap ( made 50) and Halloween Tag swap (made 25). I will be mailing them off today - and anxiously await the ones I will be receiving in return!

Aug 12, 2008

ATC cards

I'd never done Artist Trading Cards before - I recently signed up for a swap on 2peas in a bucket. The theme is Retro Toys...I picked Jack-In-The-Box. I had alot if fun making them....and I can't wait to see what I get back in return on this.

Aug 10, 2008

Project for a gift...

I have been holding off on posting this item - until I was able to give it to my sister-in-law, which I finally accomplished, when coming to babysit Saturday night. I made this with pictures of my nephew and other family members from our July 4th celebration down at the farm in Whitney. It turned out cute - I did add ribbon to all the tags - but took the pictures before I got that done.

Aug 8, 2008

new project and maybe adventure...

Yesterday I went to an all day crop with friends from 10am to 10pm. It was a nice break from running kids around all day - Chris got to do some dropping off and picking up. I spent my time at the crop doing some different thing, but one was making some Christmas cards. I know, I know - it's AUGUST! It's just never too early to get going. I'm thinking about building up a good amount of pre-made stuff and maybe trying selling on Etsy or a local craft show or venue. Not real sure yet, but can't hurt to build up some "stock". They are a little non-traditional, but I think they turned out cute.

Aug 6, 2008

the concert was GREAT!

Katie too her camera to the concert and got a few pictures for the scrapbook. She and Chris both thought it was "amazing"! They both told us all about it and how they would even love to go see it again! Thought I'd share a few more pictures.

Aug 5, 2008

something fun...

As many people know - I love making cupcakes more than eating them. I recently came across these cute ideas for making non-edible cupcake decorations and can't wait to try them out for myself!

Aug 4, 2008

yummy lil cakes!

Today I made a fun batch of cupcakes in Tinkerbell papers. Not super exciting stuff - but they sure tasted great! We went over to some friends and had a great afternoon. Grilled steaks and ate! to sleep and prepare for another week of early mornings - Katie's got Band Camp!

Aug 2, 2008

and they're off...

Chris and Katie headed off to the 1964 tribute concert at the Ball Hall tonight. Katie has never been to any type concert and we felt this was a good one for her 1st experience. She is a total music buff (just like Chris) and appreciates an eclectic variety of genres, British bands being her favorite!

Aug 1, 2008

Felt Fun...

I've been making some fun embellishments using felt recently and patterns from Elsie Flannigan (Love Elsie). Today I completed a couple Birthday going to a very important young man, serving in Iraq during his 20th birthday. His mom is a fellow 2peas in a bucket gal...and we are celebrating his birthday in 1st class style....sending his homemade cards and care packages (which he has kindly been sharing with his fellow platoon mates).

Anyways, the card with the wording on the front is for him - in was placed in his box of goodies this morning and shipped off with love. If you'd be interested in sending him a card, I would gladly share his address with you...just leave me a comment.