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Mar 12, 2009

Drum Roll ....PLEASE!!!!

The minute you've all been waiting for...
ok...the moment I've been dying for.

I FINALLY...yes Finally finished painting my shelf!

It's taken me 2 weeks and alot of coats of paint. I must be slowing down with age (hehe!) or something ?.. I've never been so stinkin slow at painting something, I'm guessing the round spindles and flipping shelves back and forth was party to blame. So - this little gem comes apart. I felt to "do it right" I should take it apart...that way no straining to trim it out and be real neat.

NO...I was wrong, I should have half a$$ed it this time...there were moments I considered throwing it away, running it over piece by piece, starting a grand bond fire with get the point. Lesson learned...not everything have to be done perfect.

So WITHOUT further a-do...I present the shelf

(and as if that wasn't enough) an added of the curtains too. I'm sure a few of you were beginning to wonder does this woman ever sew? maybe she doesn't even have a window and she's merely! I'm just a slacker...curtains aren't done, but so many people have asked, thought I'd show ya what I've got "so far".


Rachel said...

Love the colors... very Florida-y! I think you did a great job and not cutting corners shows! Although driving over it just to get some agression out would have been a blast!!!!!!!

Karen said...

The shelf rocks!!! Love the color scheme here!!!

Jessica said...

The shelves are very nice, ut I am in LOVE with the monkey nightlight!!!