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Sep 26, 2008

It's been a FUN week

Tuesday I had a yummy lunch with my good friend Vicki. She treated me to lunch at one of my favorite places...RED ROBINS. She's never been there before, but I think she will be going back again!
Wednesday I went to lunch with my parents. We ate at another of my favorite places PASADO'S and is was sure yummy. We had a great time visiting and catching up on each others news, since the girls were in school - we actually got to visit!

Thursday I attended my weekly scrapbooking meet-up with my best scrappin girl friends. My good friend Tonya brought me a really special Birthday Gift. She knows how much I love cupcakes...and made me, YES ...MADE me a cover for my cricut with CUPCAKE fabric. It is SO DARN CUTE! I just love it...I've showed it off to everyone who will listen or look.
She even embroidered my name on it!!! Doesn't it make you want one too...???


Tonya said...

I have pulled out some really cute fabrics to make some more of these. Glad you had such a great week for your birthday.

Jayne said...

Soooo cute!