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Sep 11, 2008

something different...

While out shopping recently I came across some cute fabrics I knew Ivy would love. I bought some, thinking she's enjoy a fun pillow case and it's been in the bag for a couple weeks. Since she's been sick this week and spent so much time in bed...I thought now would be a good time to complete the project! So I drug out my sewing machine and got to work. Just a quick lil project...and she really likes it.

We went to the ENT today, and as expected they changed her antibiotic to something stronger and said we need to get her scheduled for a tonsillectomy. Ugh! They said she can go back to school Monday...dang, an entire week lost...right at the beginning of school.

*** oh...did I mentioned I now how a sore throat too? The joy of being a parent I guess- LOL


Tammy Skinner said...

I love the cute pillowcase! It's the small things that our kids will always remember and I am sure that Ive will treasure that for years to come! Please tell Ivy that some of your crazy scrapbooking friends are sending her best wishes to get well... and I prescribe some good ole' fresh orange juice, peace & quiet and a good book for you! You can't get sick! Ugh... you are right... the joys of being a parent! Hope you can outrun it!

Tonya said...

Very cute pillowcase Angie. I would even like that. I still have my favorite one (well the whole twin size sheet set) from when I was little. It was bright green with very colorful flowers all over it. I still love it!