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Apr 17, 2009

Dollar Stamp Storage Solution

We the first hint would be...STOP buying them (lol)...but that just isn't realistic. Who can pass up these lil gems at only $1.00?

A few days ago I came across the BEST idea for storing them, it wasn't my idea, but something I read on my favorite website and message board, 2peas in a bucket! I wish I could remember who posted it...I am still hunting thru threads, but if you know leave me a comment so I can give that AWESOME gal proper credit! Baseball Card protective pages...they have 9 pockets per page and fit the $1.00 sets perfectly~

I am already loving this new system. So cheap and simple. Life just doesn't get any better..ok, that's a little extreme I know. But to a crafter, stamper, scrapbooker...easy organization for your loads of stuff (aka crap) is HUGE!

I bought my pages of many of you who know me IRL know...Ebay is my go to for everything but groceries! My friend Katy told me her mom buys the pages locally at the major office supply stores.


NancyJones said...

if you have a hobby lobby you can get the base ball card page holders and its the same thing (and use a 40% off coupon on them I do believe and get em cheap cheap cheap cheap)
:D I do love me a sale.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh you know I had to click the picture because I was like, "WHAT storage solution? I just see a bunch of stamps!" And then I clicked and I was like, "OH! Those clear pocket page things! I have some of those!" And I was all thinking, "I never thought to use them for clear stamps!" and then I remembered, "Oh wait...I don't have any of those kinds of stamps... (yet)

Deanna said...

Love it!!!

debevans said...

OMG OMG...that's GREAT!!!! I've got to find some baseball card pages!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :)

debevans said...

Got the pages this weekend and so happy at how it works...gonna pass the good news along on my blog :)