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Oct 18, 2008

That's Heavy

Only a couple weeks ago I became aware that TEXAS is one of the few states who do Homecoming Mums!?!? WOW - do the others not realize what they are missing out on?- lol

Why wouldn't every state participate in this fine tradition? 5lbs. of ribbon and trinket draped from your chest? Doesn't it sound fun!!!

I personally had my 1st {and last} mum in JR high...good ol' Lamar (ugh!) One teacher told us all we sounded like cattle and made us remove them until class was over. It didn't really bother me then, but now, as a mother...if someone said that to my daughter, I'd probably smack them around! - I never even mentioned the statements to my mom - as it was probably among some of the nicer things a teacher had said to me - LOL ( ok lol for me & you, but my mom is probably still not laughing)

ANYWAYS...this week is HOMECOMING for my daughter's High School - and thus the need for a mum! Katie is VERY excited for the event of this next week. Monday is the homecoming parade and community pep-rally, the game is Friday - we play Colleyville-Heritage **BUT** we are hoping to miss the ENTIRE heard me correctly...We're hoping to be on a Charter Bus heading to ODESSA for AREA Competition for UIL 5A division...we will know after today!

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Tammy Skinner said...

LOL! Angie! I just had to laugh, because I grew up in Tennessee (where we are mumless) and up until I moved here I thought a mum was a large carnation. Little did I know what went with that large carnation! My first attempts of making mums with my kids were hilarious! My daughter accidentally stapled hers to the dining room table! LOL! Your mum looks great!