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Oct 7, 2008

There's an oddball in EVERY bunch!

There is definitely an odd-ball in EVERY bunch - but Irises are not typically what comes to mind! Yesterday as I was leaving to pick up the girls from school - I noticed this little fella...standing nice and tall in a tight bud - just dying to open and be the center of attention. I even pointed him out to both the girls - and we laughed at how he must be confused! This isn't April of course...who ever heard of an October Iris? I guess he likes the weather, or was just looking for alot of attention! This morning Chris came walking in the door with this silly oddball Iris in his hand...even he noticed that something was not quite right with his Halloween appearance! None-the-less, we put the little guy in a vase, and I will certainly enjoy him for the few days he is around!

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