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Apr 11, 2008

{Birthday} #2 for this week...

Tonight was Ivy-Brooke's 10th birthday party with her friends. (Her actual birthday in Wednesday the 16th.) She had a sleepover with several friends (what was I thinking when I agreed to that?!?!) We went to CiCi's pizza for dinner, watches skits they created, played the play station, opened presents, danced a bit, had cake and ice cream...and then they FINALLY disappeared into her bedroom!!! I was beginning to wonder if they would ever give us a moments peace! They've all been really good for us and we've had a great night! Here are a few pictures from tonight...Enjoy!

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~ Jayme ~ said...

What a totally cool cake!!! Love the colors and design of it. :) Sounds like a jam packed fun night.

Is this basicly a warning, not to do sleepover birthday parties for my kids...LOL