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Mar 6, 2008

{ Texas Snow Day }

As many of you know, it began snowing like crazy today around 11:30. by 12:30 there was more than an inch of snow accumulation and I began making the journey to pickup the girls early and avoid the mass morons in the school parking lots! Ivy-Brooke was very excite to come home, while Katie complained constantly! They had no complaints to posing for a few pictures before freezing the hineys off playing in the snow. I think they lasted 30minutes this year - and that may be a record!

Ivy's first solo made snowman. She was very proud of her creation!


Tonya said...

We had a blast in our Annual Texas Snow Day! We got about 4 inches in the front (which faces south and is sheltered) and 6 in the back yard (which faces North and got all the direct snow). I love her snowman. We made 1 too. It was our first that was taller than 12 inches. I guess as the kids grow up so does the snowman.

Tanya said...

Awww, I'm glad that your kids got the chance to enjoy the snow! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)