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Mar 11, 2008

Another Day, Another Challenge

Today I completed the Page Sketch Challenge over at Feeling Scrappy! This months sketch is VERY cute and I couldn't wait to find just the right photos to give it a try. BE SURE to hop over there and give one of their challenges a try! If you don't like following sketches -there are many more challenges to try!
I decided on pictures from Christmas 2005, of the girls opening their annual "new PJ's" on Christmas Eve. Little did we know at the time, we would be awoken a few hours later by Ivy in a full on allergic reaction to the chemicals used on the PJ's to make them flame retardant! I cans till vividly remember, that was a LONG night! We soaked her in an oatmeal bath and gave her some Benedryll and he symptoms started to lessen. As a preventative measure, we had to wake Katie up and make her take her PJ's off too - just in case!

My second page was merely getting one more completed page in Ivy-Brooke's scrapbook! This is from March 2005 when we took the kids camping over Spring Break!

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Jayne said...

Love how the pages turned out!!