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Mar 25, 2008

{ the spotlight is on me }

I finally completed another challenge from Feeling Scrappy. I've gotten side tracked recently with the kids on spring break and my new camera. This challenge is for the "Book of Me" and this month the challenge was to create a page with your personal Bucket List. There are still 6 days for you all to join in and complete the challenge too!

My list is as follows:

1. swim in the ocean

2. visit the Sequoia Forest

3. travel to a 3rd world country

4. see a consentration camp first hand

5. ride in a hot air balloon

6. travel somewhere on an amtrak train

7. scuba dive the great barrier reef

8. pay 100% of all of my kids way through college

9. live a mile from my closest neighbor

10. own a pig


Stacey said...

Great page and I love some of the really unique things on your list!

okidoki said...

I love that page!!! Great list!

Tonya said...

Great page. I need to something about me for my books, but always end up doing DD and DH. I love your list. Hope you get to do all of them!