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Mar 26, 2008

{ Distraction }

Right now I'm just looking for some fun distractions to keep my mind off the daily grind with teens! Neither of these are "over the top" but 2 more pages for Ivy-Brooke's album none-the-less.

This first layout one is her first year to attend overnight summer camp, she was 6. One picture was take when we dropped her off, the other was taken when we picked her up!

The second layout is Ivy's first day back to school in second grade. She was in a multiage program - so she had the same teacher for a second year, but there would be new 1st grades coming into the class and she would be the "older" 2nd grader to show them how it was done. the background is a light pink, but hard to capture in the photo.

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Tonya said...

Very cute Angie. love that green paper.