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Feb 14, 2008

Love bites...

Today was the Valentines party at Ivy school - this will be one of her last years to have class parties. She is in her final year of elementary and the school tend to start eliminating the class parties. We began discussing her choice for her Valentine's Box a few weeks ago - I really wanted to get all the projects done and not deal with the last minute rush this year. In past years I have made a variety of boxes for the kids. One year they had Cat in the Hat "Hat Boxes" and another year they had Elephants....each year is certainly an adventure. After much discussion, she decided on an Alligator was saw in the Pack-O-Fun Magazine this month. They always have wonderful ideas! I followed their directions with the exception of adding eyelashes and using Styrofoam for the scales. She was so proud as she walked away from the car this morning....she new no-one else would have her box!

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