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Feb 22, 2008

Ivy's first shoot

Tonight it was just girls night for Ivy and I. Katie is spending the night with a friend and I took Ivy for some alone time out on the town! We first stopped at the park to grab a few "golden hour" photos...for her first time posing and me being so green with this camera, I am VERY pleased with the results.

We then headed down to our favorite meal - IHOP! After stuffing our bellies with pancakes and hash browns we were off on the great shoe hunt! After hitting 2 stores and driving like 15miles....we finally found the pair she wanted in her size! We then ran over to Target and picked of socks and undies for can never have too many! I think socks are among my favorite things to buy. Hanes low cut or no show socks are the BEST! There is nothing like the feeling of a brand new cushy sock on my tired feet. (OCD maybe) I pick up a new back of 6pairs of socks almost weekly ~ don't tell on me! I think I believe socks are disposable...although I don't throw them out, I give them to the girls after the first washing or two. The more I type, the stranger this seems?!?! Ok...well we have an excellent time together tonight.


Tonya said...

Great job with those pics. I need to find someone or a class to teach me how to use all these buttons on my camera. My DD would love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

You have a cute daughter, and take great pictures!