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Feb 22, 2008

As seen on TV...Deal or Dud?

Yesterday while scrapping with new friends, I was introduced to the best thing I've ever used scrapbooking...Pioneer's Snapload! For anyone who has attempted to add pages to a post bound album, you know this is not an easy task. The last time I added pages it involved a screwdriver and my husbands help! YIKES...that is FAR too much trouble.
While purchasing it, I ran into an old friend Susan, who was probably as sceptical about this as seen on TV gimmicks as I was....but we laughed and I was off to try it out!
This gadget is the real deal. I did have to read the directions 2-3 times...maybe because I was distracted running my mouth with my new cropping buddies...but once I absorbed the info printed on the was a cinch! I Love It - it allows you to add pages to those albums so much easier! Sure wish they would have come out with these sooner. I quit using craft store albums 8yrs ago due to the inconvenience of adding pages, but I will certainly reconsider after finding and trying this awesome product!

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Tonya said...

Very cool! I made your blog even if it was just as a new friend. I am so glad I could tell you about these. I am loving them and it opens up so many beautiful albums that I would not have purchased before because I so dispise those metal posts.