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Feb 24, 2008

Back in Time

I often swing between caught up with nothing to work on and years behind. I'm sure many fellow scrapbookers can identify with this. I got so caught up when my youngest daughter entered Kindergarten, that I stopped (yes, STOPPED!) scrapbooking my kids photos. I got my creative need filled by doing scrapbooks for others as gifts or just to save them time and the next thing I knew...4 years had passed! So I am back to the albums of my children. Today I was working on finishing Ivy-Brooke's kindergarten year-LOL (she's in 4th grade now). Back when I took my break, my style was scrapbook all holidays, all parties, any event worthy of taking pictures! While they only attend kindergarten once (thank goodness) I think I made that year my POTD project! I have so many pictures from that since I did most of the year in that style, I felt I should finish it that way. It was painful to say the least. But I did make it all the way thought graduation and summer trips. My next page to scrap when I work on it again is the annual picture from the first day of school. Even this now seems cheesy! I love looking back at them...we laughed at several in the pile (ok PILES) of pics to be done. I am starting her first grade year tomorrow and I am changing the style to a my more present style. While looking through the stacks of photos I can across the first pictures I took while my old Canon Point and Shoot....from when it was new (vs. my new DSLR). I can remember taking about a dozen photos of the Ivy's classroom eating watermelon and running down to the local 1hour lab to get them developed! Of course they pale in comparison with my new cameras abilities....but it's funny how you can look at just one picture and remember so many things.

So here is my Layout for the day...the only one I feel "proud" to even show today. I jazzed it up a bit since it was a photo take from that summer and the entire book was about to be changed to a current style.

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