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Oct 26, 2010

Quick and Easy mini album

This weekend I finished up this little album of out summer water park fun. Each section 2 pages/4 front and backs is made from a single sheet of cardstock.
I lined each flat page with a coordinating printed paper (this was BoBunny line Sun Kissed) using different edge punches to make each unique. I did triangles on each pocket page, also adding edge punching or corner punches. I used small tags to journal on and placed each in a pocket and attaches buttons or ribbons to the tag hole for easy access.

Making the pages are pretty simple...

Take a full sheet of 12 x 12 paper and score it at 6inches on each side. This will resulting in 4 - 6x6 scored squares.

Second cut one scored line from the edge to the center of the four squares (see dotted line)

Next using a ruler, score from the corner of the new cut line, to the corner diagonally from it, this will form 2 triangles on each of the flaps.

Alone that scored triangle line, crease the cardstock, forming a triangle. Using your tape runner or adhesive of your choice, glue the flap down to make that triangle double thick.

Next you will form the pockets. On flap #1 add adhesive along the triangle/pocket edge that will lay closest to the center scored line, that will be the fold in the page. Keep the adhesive as close to the edge as possible so you will have plenty room to use that pocket. On flap #2 you will do the exact same thing, but this time folding the flap backwards to the other side. After gluing it down, you will have one pocket on each side. This will be 2 pages, each side consisting of 1 pocket, 1 flat side.

The blue represents your pockets/flaps. But this is as if you can see thru the cardstock to see each sides pocket.

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