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Oct 17, 2010


I love all kinds of banners around my home. Halloween is always a fun occasion to decorate to me. I have multiple banners and seems to keep adding each year.

This banner is 3 years old. I made it via a swap
on 2peas in a bucket. I created the "W". I turned out to be a great piece and has held up well.

I also complete this banner in a swap too. This one I did the "Y". It's hung in a standard doorway from the entry way. It's always fun to see what everyone will do to decorate there piece.

This is my newest banner. It is made from fabric. Each member was to create an assigned letter from the "Happy Halloween". I made 14 - N's and 14 - A's. I got 2 complete sets of the letters as I was making one to share with a sweet friend.

The letter were to be made from Halloween fabric, a layer of batting and a contrasting color for the back sides. The each turned out wonderful. I'm almost out of doorways to make any more banners, but there is always room across the mantel!


Pieces of Home Designs said...

Oh you have just inspired me! I've been thinking of making a banner and just felt unmotivated - thanks for giving me a lift!

Pam said...

I am wanting to make a banner, but do not know where to start. Think you may do a tutorial?

Tracy said...

I love every one of them. I was in my 1st banner swap this year. It was so fun to see what everyone else did.