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Oct 27, 2010

Flower fun *tutorial*

I love making flowers and hair bows for my girls.

When they were young they never left the house without their hair being perfect. As they aged they cared less about their hair & even less about those flowers and bows.

Finally things have come full circle and they of course care VERY MUCH about their hair (at 12 & 16) and hair accessories have come back into fashion! Bows, clips, headbands, etc....

This is a new style of "flower" I learned recently in a class from the very talented Adair.

You begin with 8 large circles (I used scalloped circles on these pictures) you will also need 8 of the smaller circles and a layer of lace or tulle.

Taking one stack of circles at a time cut into them from on edge to the center (just a straight slit). Beginning at one edge you accordion fold the circle until it become a wedge shape - folding approx. 7 times, making 8 layers. I use hot glue to secure each until I am ready to attach them. Complete this step with both the large and small circles.

Once you have all your pieces folded and secured. You will begin to form a circle with the large circles gluing 2 together, then a 3rd, and as you add the should have 1/2 a circle. They don't (and often won't) line up perfect, no worries....that will be covered up.

I then use a drop of hot glue to attach the layer or tulle/lace and set it aside as I build the smaller circle in the same way. Again building a circle and gluing it down to the lace/tulle layer.

I finish mine off with buttons, stones, knots and any other little items I find that match and look cute. My girls loves them and I've made quite a few for their friends too. I just glue alligator clips to the backs, but you can also add bar pins to wear them on a lapel or bag.


laterg8r said...

love this tutorial, you could do this with paper too :D

Steph said...

Those are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial.Not sure how I missed following your blog but have added you now.

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

Thanks for the tutorial, love these flowers.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great tutorial! thanks

Mary said...

Hey Miss Angie..those flowers are so cool.Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

These are cute. Thanks for sharing.

Adair Lane said...

your flowers are super cute! I love the scalloped edge, mine were just circles. Bobby taught me another way where you don't have to cut so I'll have to show you that way.