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Jun 21, 2008

Worst Scrapbook Shopping Trip EVER!!!

After hearing about this store from several people, I decided to make the several hour journey to Waco to check it out myself. I had hope to share my stories with friends various scrapbooking groups (since we all know good LSS are few and far between!) One group was even planning a trip to several Texas stores...this one potentially one of them...on the way to Archive?s in Austin.

Today I visited the store...I was pleased upon arrival that is seemed nice, clean, and quiet but cheery atmosphere. I enjoyed the selection off both paper lines and embellishments. After shopping the store for 30mins or so...I made my way to the cashier.

I didn't catch her name, but she was friendly. As she began scanning my papers. I noticed paper after paper ringing up $2.99, I mentioned this to her, and those papers were not among the papers marked prices other than the regular "all paper $0.69 unless marked otherwise" posted on signs throughout the store. She continued to scan; they continued to ring up wrong. She then asked to see where some came from...I showed her; she too agreed they were not among the marked-up papers. She then returned to the register, questioned another employee, ask if she knew how to over-ride prices.

Neither seemed very educated on the working of the cash register. They scanned a bit more paper, it continued to ring up every piece at $2.99, they then walk to the shelf area I had taken the first girl to check the prices. Upon their return, they told me they did not understand why the paper was ringing up like this and said I could leave my paper and name and number - and when they could find something out they would call me.I explained I was from Ft Worth and had driven 1 hour & 48minutes or 104 miles to visit this store...there was no way leaving the paper and waiting for a phone call was going to resolve this problem for me. They said they didn't know what else to do - and I left the store with NOTHING!!!

This was a totally frustrating situation for me, I drove 4 hours there and home, over 200 miles, $54.00 in gas, all my friends and fellow scrappers know I was going to visit this new store ? and all I have returned home with is a horror story to tell.

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danna said...

OMG girl I will not be visiting this store! Im sorry You had a bad visit The manager needs to know your story you should email her or him.
I have been wanting to go to that store for a while too.
But im not going now.