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Jun 4, 2008

playing catch-up

I've fallen behind blogging and a ton of things have happened I need to update on here...

Katie got her photos back yesterday from the 8th grade banquet.
I'll explain why there are 3 kids in each (LOL)
The was a 3 person min. for the photographer (strange for couples on "dates") each person paid $ Katie and her date added another friend - so they could have pictures. Kinda odd to me...maybe photographer didn't think 8th graders would have dates. (most did).

The other photo is Kate with 2 of her best gal pals...she's been close to them all thru Middle School. One is going to attend Central H.S. with Katie but the other will have to attend Keller H.S. - our school being divided for high school really stinks for these kids who have grown up together and get separated the last 4 years of their schooling!


Kimmie Sue said...

Unfortunately a lot of school districts will send kids to two different H.S. even though they went to the same middle school. Don't worry, I'm sure you're dd will remain close to her friends.

Great Pics!! :o)

Sandra Collins said...

wonderful photos - it is too bad when kids end up getting split up like that - hope it all works out

Jayne said...

Great pictures Angie! :)

Tonya said...

She is beautiful Angie! I know she had a great time and how lucky that the pictures turned out great to help her remember it years from now.