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Jan 19, 2011

a normal day

I spent Tuesday at the Scrapper's Boutique, just like old times.
Surrounded by good friends, it felt nice to be there again. It's almost like my Cheers for Norm.

"where everybody know your name"

I had a pretty productive day. Finished the cover to an art journal of
*using a 10x10 piece of partially peeled cardboard, painted with silver and embellished with a few stones. I hand drew and hand cut/layered the font.

..and 2 entire layouts
I look forward to my next opportunity to craft some more!


DeeDee said...

Hi Angie

You are on a journey and its easy to see the story in front of me...I know you have been working hard to make some changes and wanted to tell you it shows....enjoy your journey it fits you well...I feel the happiness from you more and more...

I love your cover and your pages..have fun

ellen s. said...

so so cool! good luck on the art journal. it feels good to get it all out of you for sure1

Lida said...

Very artistic work, i love the colors and textures.