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Jan 18, 2011

A little something

Well, this is the most creative thing I've done in 2011 so far. I made a new line for my Starbucks mug where you can personalize the inserts. I did it up for Valentines...I feel cheery each time I see it.

Today I'm off to the Scrapper's Boutique to have some fun and get some ideas out of my head and onto some paper! I'm looking forward to posting some new things soon, not that the holiday season has passed.

Have I mentioned my oldest baby daughter will be 17 in just 2weeks...this is sending earthquakes throughout my mind. This school year is 1/2 over and only one more year of her as a high school student, my mind can hardly comprehend it!

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Ziggyeor said...

Cute mug and how exciting!