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Jun 16, 2009

My new Fav!

Anyone who knows me WELL, knows I am NOT a jewelry fan!

Men hate easy gifts! I have my ears pierced twice, yet both remain empty except for family pictures or holidays (LOL) I seldom wear even my wedding rings, my hubby even bought me an anniversary band a few years a lure to get me to wear it more. I do put it on to leave the house, but it comes off before my shoes even when I return home!

Last year, a friend gave me this sweet charm and necklace, to fill with a picture of my daughter and the other side she made an insert saying "guard mom" (for Colorguard). I'd thought about it, but just never found the right photo. Today I finally got around to putting in a picture and I LOVE IT!!! I will wear it ALWAYS....(ok to every football game this season is more realistic) but that's an improvement!

There may be hope for me after all!

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DeeDee said...

very cool gift...I like the picture you chose too.