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Dec 3, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I've been shopping for my girls the past couple days, wrapping up a couple finally swaps for the year and getting ready for Christmas. This year we talked to the girls about the Christmas tree, and we all agreed to down-size from our normal one. We got a 4 ft tree Monday, and put it on a small table in the living room, that will allow for small presents on the table and bigger ones on the floor. The girls really liked it, and we are going to decorate it tonight!.

Something else the girls are LOVING this year....those advent stockings! I've bought some small thing to add to their days...earrings, lip gloss, spray glitters, nail products, etc...they are so excited to dig into those stockings each night!

I can post too many photo's right now, as several of my current projects are gifts...and you never know who's eyes are peeking around here...LOL!

So I leave you with a photo of Chris (my wonderful hubby) acting up after carving the Thanksgiving turkey!

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