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May 24, 2008

My daughter may kill me...

I haven't exactly gotten her blessing on posting these pictures...she's sleeping. Last night was Katie's 8th grade banquet, the highlight of the years for her friends. They've been talking about finding dresses, jewelry and dates for weeks (ok months)! After what this little event cost me, I'm certainly more prepared for the homecomings and such she will be attending in the next 4 years of high school.

After a marathon day of trying on dresses, she picked a pretty reasonable one so we told her we would do jewelry too. She spent as much on jewelry and a clutch purse, as the dress cost! Then we got sucked in to new shoes, having our stylist do her hair, undergarments, money for the professional photographer at the event...I was beginning to wonder if the money train was ever gonna stop!

She had a great time, she took her camera and took lots of pictures for me to make her a mini album! Her date and her look so cute, I just had to share the photo!

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Jayne said...

Great pictures and I am so glad she had fun! I am afraid the "money train" has only just begun! LOL