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Dec 5, 2010

Back on track

Yesterday was more in line for a "traditional" December Daily. My youngest sweet daughter made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my husband and I, when we returned for some Christmas shopping! (I won't go into details on what they tasted like as you will tell from the photos it was the THOUGHT that counted.)
That same child has anxiously been waiting to put up the tree, she put it all together by herself (with a short delay of "find the burnt out bulb). She did a fabulous job and it was such a nice help for her to do it all for me! I typically do it all by myself...and well as usual my husband does this...

1 comment:

Tracy said...

So sweet of your daughter to make cookies. Mine do the same, when THEY want them teehee.
Nice of her to do the tree, but I am such a perfectionist that I would wait until they leave the room to move everything around, LOL.