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Nov 11, 2010

Christmas Centerpiece

Seldom am I ahead of the game when it comes to the holidays, but finally this year I seems to have mastered it a bit. After creating the Halloween Center piece "31" I decided to carry the idea over to Christmas.

Using the same craft paper, pre-made numbers, BoBunny paper and some fun miniature decorations this is what I came up with!
I completed mine on Tuesday and have even taken a couple orders to make them for friends.
Well, off to work on some more projects, a crafter's job is never done ;)


Stephanie said...

Angie, this is just lovely. You are doing such an amazing job with the Christmas decorations this year. I love all of your inspiration!!

DeeDee said...

Wow, Angie this is just my style too.hehehe! it is beautiful ..I like it have been making so many things I like...Have a Happy Holiday season ..

Rachel said...

Angie- this looks awesome! Now I am gonna have to back track and find yout Halloween centerpiece!!!
You are VERY VERY VERY talented! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

laterg8r said...

so fantastic, such a good idea :D