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Jul 28, 2008

I'm baaaack!

The retreat was so fun! The 3 course gourmet meals were amazing and the accommodations were very nice. When you attend something like this, especially with over half of the 12 women in attendance, being strangers to each other, there is always a certain amount of "drama"...but it was pretty low on the drama-meter! (thank Goodness...I'm about drama-ed out lately)
I got alot of work done...
This is a luggage tag for my Camera Gear Bag - using Love Elsie paper line


Brook said...

Looks like you had a great trip!

mborrero said...

I think I order from them online! Looks like you had a gfreat time. thanks for sharing.


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Sandra Collins said...

sounds like lots of fun - I sure miss the scrapbook store that closed near here

Heather said...

Both look like great stores! What fun!

Lily said...

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear about a LSS doing well. Rofl at the lady reading in the store.